It’s launch day!

Ehrmagosh. My eyes are all streaky and my cheeks hurt from cry smiling. After six years of writing, revising, contest entries, and agents, Salt Creek Rising is officially for sale!


It’s been a long and fulfilling road, and yes, there will be many more books to come. Unless my fingers go on strike and refuse to type all the zillions of words stewing in my brain jambalaya. Or they decide to run off to a sunny Pacific island and live the rest of their pink fleshy digit lives getting tan and drinking fruity cocktails out of a hollowed-out pineapple. Wait. That doesn’t sound so bad. Maybe I’ll follow them.

In the meantime, head over to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and pick up a copy of my brain baby. If you like teenagers, super powers, romance, suspense, or maybe just two or three of those things, this is the book for you! The paperback is on sale now. The ebook will be available May 1.