Binge-worthy paranormal/ fantasy ebooks, spring edition

Ugh. So it’s finally happened to me. I’ve become a binge reader, and I’m not the only one.  I’ve amassed a collection of to-be-read indie paranormal and fantasy ebooks and I’ve got to binge read them already because they’ve been on my Kindle forever. As in, an embarrassingly long time.

So, I’ve lined up the snacks (homemade caramel popcorn and Zapp’s Cajun Crawtaters if I suddenly want something salty…), the house is clean and the laundry is folded, so there’s absolutely nothing standing in my way. That’s right.  I’m ready to read!

You may well ask what books I’m planning to crack this weekend. You’re in luck. Here’s the list! I’ll be binging a selection of teen and new adult paranormal and fantasy romances, similar in style and theme to my own Guardians of Salt Creek trilogy. (It’ll get me pumped up for all the work needed to launch Book three in April!)

Kiss Of Fire (Imdalind Series Book 1)  by Rebecca Ethington 

It was one kiss… and it very nearly ended my life. Secrets are dangerous, and sometimes they can kill. Okay, so I like the zingers in the blurb, but I honestly chose this book because I like the cover and the reviews say the writing is super great. Great writing will hook me, no matter the genre, so I’m in. I suspect I won’t be disappointed, judging by the overall good reviews.



Entangled (Spellbound trilogy No.1) by Nikki Jefford.

Hiding her powers was never a problem for seventeen-year-old Graylee Perez. 

This book made the short list because it involves supernatural secret powers, mystery killing, and plenty of betrayal.

I also like that Ms. Jefford has a lot of books out, so if I like her style, I can read more without having to wait. (I hope I can one day have tons for you to read, too!)


Elementals (Prophecy of Shadows) by Michelle Madow

Nicole Cassidy is a witch descended from the Greek gods… but she doesn’t know it until she moves to a new town and discovers a dangerous world of magic and monsters that she never knew existed. 

All right. So my book isn’t about witches and it seems a lot of books are about witches. But I’m intrigued by the Greek mythology aspect here, as I also have a hint of that in the Guardians of Salt Creek world.


Luminescence by J.L. Weil

Brianna Morgan’s life hasn’t always been a walk in the park. Losing both parents in a tragic car accident was not easy to deal with for a seventeen-year-old. But she’s adjusted well considering, that is until a new guy at school stirs things up.

New kid in school, death of a parent, magic. Sound familiar? Yeah. My book has those, too! It’s always fun to see how other authors mix up and bake the same ingredients into yummy new stories, so let’s see what kind of goodness is waiting for us here!


Immortal Mark, book 1, by Amy Sparling

She just met the perfect man. Too bad he’s immortal and she’s about to die.

I like the hook, I like the cover, and I like that it seems this is Sparling’s first venture into a paranormal trilogy. All of her other titles seem to be teen romance, not paranormal, so it’ll be interesting to see her take in a new-to-her genre.


And finally. Last but not least!

In My Dreams (book 1 of 2) by Cameo Renae

The dreams were happening again; detailed premonitions of how people would die. Lizzy’s worst nightmare occurs when she dreams of her boyfriend, and shortly after, discovers his car was found in a river, along with his lifeless body.

I’m really excited to see how Ms. Renae uses the premonitions in this book, since bits of the future seen in dreams and visions have played so much of a role in my own books. Bring it on, Cameo. Bring it on!

If you read or have read any of these books, or have suggestions for other books, please say so in the comments. And don’t forget to click the cover to enter the ebook giveaway! (Sadly, you can only enter if you’re in the U.S. Amazon says thems the rules. Boo!)

And for good measure, I’m giving away a copy of Jess, Rising: Guardians of Salt Creek Book 1 for those of you who O.M.G. still haven’t read it!!! (I hope you like the new sparkly cover.)

P.S. I have no idea when the Amazon giveaways will end. They’ve apparently changed how they work since the last time I held one, so we’ll all have to see how this goes together!

And, I’m gonna try to figure out a way to set up giveaways for all you folks outside of the U.S. who frequently visit me. I’m looking into it. Stay tuned!

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