the greatest compliment

AAAJess RisingRelaunchCoverKindleSizeA surprise landed in my inbox last week. It was a kind note from RJ Duperre, author of the Infinity Trials and the Breaking Worlds series. He had recently read Jess, Rising and decided to review it on his web site.

It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but writing is a solitary type of parenthood. You spend endless hours alone, creating, building a story baby word by word, molecule by molecule. When it’s finished, you send your beloved out into the world, hoping it can survive without you, hoping, deep down, that it will connect with someone somewhere out there.

So when it does connect, and that person catches on to exactly what you were trying to express in your story, and they so eloquently say so, it really is touching. This review seriously brought tears to my eyes. Check it out!

Read RJ Duperre’s review of Jess, Rising on his website, Journey of Always.

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