Jess, Rising is FREEEE! And some other tidbits, y’all!

AAAJess RisingRelaunchCoverKindleSizeHappy Monday, y’all. I’ve got some big stuff coming up this week. Here’s the scoop!

One: JESS, RISING IS TOTALLY FREE THIS WEEK in eBook format, and it’s available on all retailers, not just Amazon. Woot! If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, go ahead and get up on this deal while you can.

(Update: Some of the Amazon sites, like Australia, aren’t yet showing the book as free. I’m working on it. In the meantime, you can get it free internationally at the other retailers below!)

Here are your links:  Amazon US,  KoboNookGoogle PlayApple, Smashwordsmore…

Also, check out this heartfelt review of Jess, Rising from author RJ Duperre, on his site, Journal of Always.

Two. I’ve rounded up a bunch of free ebooks for you, including 30 fantasy and sci-fi romance novels and more than 50 urban fantasy novels. Check out the selection by clicking the banners below. (Only hitch: You have to join the author’s email list to get the freebie. Totally up to you.)



Three. I’ve started a new book series. Squee!! It’s an urban fantasy/horror comedy based on the six months I worked the graveyard shift at a convenience store in Portland, Oregon, in the mid-1990s. I could write a nonfiction tome on what happened there, and that alone would be a real page-turner. Robbed at gunpoint. Weirdos calling me in the middle of the night for phone sex. Fifteen-year-olds stealing cases of Natural Light for their grandma. Oh yes. That happened, all for the generous pay of $4.50 an hour. (Minimum wage plus 25 cents an hour hazard pay…)

open24squareBut this store…. my fictional store.. will be even better. We’re talking supernatural hell beasts. Tentacles, Zombies. A cockroach that isn’t quite as it seems. Cursed name tags. To-the-death battles. It’s gonna be epic. And, real-life people Bob the Donut Guy and Lottery Larry will make cameos! Stayed tuned for more details. If all goes well (healthwise), I’ll be releasing the first two books this fall. And… book 1 will have an exclusive extra: A reprint of the article “Convenience Store Drop Out,” an article I wrote way back when I worked at the store, that appeared in a zine in the 90s. Zines. Remember those?

Anyway, stay tuned for cover reveals and teasers and all that fun stuff, coming the next few months.

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