Top Secret New Project No. 1: Sneak a peek at my inspiration board!

Now that the Guardians of Salt Creek trilogy is complete, I’ve started a NEW series. I’ve been super excited about this idea for a long time and am very happy it’s time to write it. The first draft of Book 1 is in the works, and I hope to have not one but THREE books ready and in your hands round about Halloween! And, if all goes really well, I’ll be writing two additional new series in this project’s fictional universe. (Think Marvel universe, only the D.M. Guay universe? So…the DeeDee-verse. Hmmm. I promise to work on a catchier name.)

So, what is this super top secret project, you ask? I’m not gonna tell you just yet. Not until I have a cover ready to reveal and the first draft is finished, BUT I will share my inspiration via the photos below, so you can get a sneak peek into my creative brain.

I can tell you this: The story is inspired by my real-life job working the graveyard shift at a convenience store in Portland, Oregon in the mid-1990s. And, this book is an homage to my lifetime love of horror comedy such as the Evil Dead trilogy (and Ash vs Evil Dead), and supernatural comics and movies such as Constantine, Preacher, and Return of the Living Dead (1985), and of course Prince of Darkness by John Carpenter. Only it’s funny.

So now… To get your curiosity percolating, here are some images I’m using for inspiration while I write. Stay tuned for more details!



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