Monday news bits, epic American road trip edition

Hello lovely humans. It’s Monday and I’m overdue for a news update!

First. Jess, Rising is free as an ebook until Labor Day weekend. So if you STILL don’t have your copy, get it now for FREEEEEEEEEE!!!

Second. Stay tuned to this blog for my latest series of musings about film adaptations of horror-comedy and sci-fi novels and short stories. Page to screen No. 1 will be Bubba Hotep (Joe Lansdale novella to Bruce Campbell film. What’s not to love?).

Third. The first draft of my new super-secret book project is nearly finished, and next month (I hope. I don’t have the cover yet!), I’ll be sending a free sneak peek at the first few chapters to my mailing list. Woot!

Also, stay tuned in August. I’ll be giving away a $100 gift card to one of the lucky people brave enough to follow me on Bookbub. I will post the giveaway, with entry details, as soon as it’s live!

But y’all will have to wait! Why?

Because I’m in the middle of a 3,000-mile round trip Great American Road Trip, across South Dakota (have you dug Wall Drug?) and I’ll be hitting part of the Oregon Trail in Nebraska on the way home. So far, the only thing horrifying about that is the epic driver’s tan on my left arm. Seriously. It’s three shades darker (okay, full disclosure, pink and frecklier) than my right arm!

Okay. Now prepare to die of cute. Just outside of the Badlands National Park, I stopped at the Ranch Store, famous for its giant concrete prairie dog statue and the colony of prairie dogs that guests can hand feed. That’s where I ran across this poor guy. A prairie dog too tired and too fat to eat. another. damn. peanut. He’s thinking “My kingdom for a carrot!”


And, of course, I took one of my favorite monsters with me.




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