24/7 Demon Mart: The Graveyard Shift

DM1ComingSoon24/7 Demon Mart: The Graveyard Shift

Coming October 2019.

Stay tuned for an exclusive, limited-time 99 cent ebook preorder. (Regular price is $3.99 ebook, $9.99 paperback) Coming soon!

When the clock strikes midnight, the beer cave inside the 24/7 Dairy Mart fills up with more than cheap beer. Demons gather behind the forties and tallboys. And only one man, one woman and one talking cockroach stand between the monsters in the beer cave and hell on earth.

Unfortunately, that one man is Lloyd Wallace. Lloyd is a loser with a capital L. He’s a community-college drop out who’s ten thousand dollars in debt and still lives with his parents. He’s been fired from every job he’s ever had, and he was the first thing his ex-girlfriend tossed to the curb when she upgraded her life. He’s got no money and no prospects.

Until the night—like a total boss, thank you very much—Lloyd accidentally slayed a giant, gelatinous tentacle monster hellbent on world domination, using only a plastic “Hello My Name is Carl” name tag. Impressed by his pure heart and bravery, the suave but devilish owner of the 24/7 Dairy Mart makes Lloyd an offer he can’t refuse, hiring him as the most clueless crossing guard the intersection of hell and earth has ever seen.

His coworkers—a karate-chopping bombshell who’s a dead ringer for Marilyn Monroe and a talking roach with a really bad attitude and a penchant for heavy metal music—need Lloyd to keep the demons in line. Either he mans up and becomes a world-saving hero, or remains a couch-surfing zero and lets the hell run slipshod over the world.

24/7 Demon Mart is a new horror-comedy series of cosmic proportions, for fans of David Wong, Tom Holt, Christopher Moore, and A. Lee Martinez.

If you can’t resist Exorcist-level demon vomit and brooding Lovecraftian hell monsters, served with a side of humor, this horror comedy series will leave you laughing and wanting more. Check it out!

Coming soon: Get the paperback: $9.99 at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Coming soon: Get the ebook on Amazon. $3.99 or free to read in Kindle Unlimited. (For a limited time.)


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