Hell for the Holidays: A 24/7 Demon Mart Christmas Special

Hell for the Holidays: 24/7 Demon Mart Stories #1

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The tree is trimmed. The mistletoe is hung. The eggnog is spiked. It’s time to celebrate the merriest, most heart-warming Christmas ever! Or not? No. Definitely, absolutely not.

This Christmas won’t be cheerful. The Wallace family’s annual Christmas Eve party is about to skid off the rails.

When a truckload of newly minted ghosts mix with the snowstorm of the century, the neighborhood snowmen turn into blood-thirsty fiends. Their ghastly quest for revenge draws them to the brightest, loudest, most Christmasy place in the neighborhood: The home of Lloyd Wallace, hapless employee of the 24/7 Demon Mart, a local corner store where the beer cave doubles as the gate to hell.

When the possessed snowmen crash a party packed with unpleasant relatives, back-stabbing socialites, one inconsolable cockroach, three bad-ass demon fighters, and too much alcohol, this picture-perfect holiday soon goes straight to hell.

Explore the Demon Mart Universe! Two great series, one unforgettable adventure.

24/7 Demon Mart series

The Graveyard Shift: A Lovecraftian Horror Comedy (Book 1)

Monster Burger: This one has zombies in it (Book 2)

Angel Trouble: A grim reaper comedy (Book 3)

24/7 Demon Mart Stories series

Hell for the Holidays: A 24/7 Demon Mart Christmas Special

Critters from the Poo Lagoon: A 24/7 Demon Mart Creature Feature


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