The scoop on Monster Burger, plus a sneak peek at the book trailer!

DM2ComingSoonI’m typing as fast as I can. I swear.

In the past few weeks, I’ve gotten mail and messages from folks asking when Monster Burger is gonna be ready.  All I can say is

A. it means a lot to me that you guys look forward to reading it and

B. Take heart: I’m writing as fast (and “well.” I’m not a hack.) as I can. I really am!

I had double the hospital days I had planned for in January, because cancer is so glamorous. For a few weeks there, the docs had me convinced that I had a second cancer. At one point, I stood at the end of my driveway screaming “Why, God? Why?” and asking to be hit by lighting instead.

Thankfully, after a bunch of rounds of wholly unpleasant scans and biopsies, we’ve learned that no, I don’t have a second cancer, I just have an unusually bumpy thyroid gland. Let me tell you, you learn a lot about the weird things going on in your body once you’re getting CT scans every three months.

But I digress. All of that, plus the deaths of my hospital friends, set the writing schedule behind. Stay tuned, though. I’m writing every day.

I’ll let you know soon when the Monster Burger preorder will go live, as well as the official release date. (Right now I’m thinking release day will be May 15 at the VERY LATEST, but no promises yet.)


kevinI’ve got several fabulous book covers and several stories outlined, and I just can’t decide which one comes after Monster Burger. I’m gonna need you, dear readers, to help me decide. Should it be the woeful tale of Kevin? Should we find out what’s behind the mysterious red door? Or should lust break free from hell and upend the neighborhood? It’ll literally be up to you.

Until then, be well, live life, hug the people you love, and for God’s sake go out and have some fun.

And now, as promised, here’s a sneak peek at the Monster Burger book trailer!

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