Horror comedy movie spotlight: WolfCop (2014)

WolfCop (2014)

wolfcop-posterIf you like your horror with a side of laughs, a rocking soundtrack, and a lot of body hair, WolfCop is the movie for you!

Lou Garou is an alcoholic police officer in the sleepy town of Woodhaven, home of the annual Drink and Shoot. (Yes. Hunting and drinking. What could go wrong?) He’s bad at his job. He’s always late, falls asleep at his desk, and is taking a nip off of a bottle for most of the day.

His life changes forever after he investigates a noise disturbance call. Alone. In the woods. At night. Because, you know, nothing bad ever happens to anyone alone in the woods at night.

He wakes up the next morning with no memory, a pentagram carved into his abs–Ouch!– a five o’clock shadow that grows back instantly, and heightened senses of smell and hearing. And a dead body in the woods.

Spoiler alert: Lou Garou’s been turned into a werewolf. He’s also transformed into a much better cop. When a gang of robbers wearing pig masks robs the Liquor Donuts, good old Lou puts on the fur and the uniform to bust a crime ring. Talk about the fuzz! Then, after a hot rod automobile transformation scene with a rock n roll soundtrack, he gives the local meth lab a night they won’t forget.

Of course, he also has to solve the mystery of the dead guy in the woods, who turned him into a werewolf and why.  Thankfully, we have the brainy, goody goody cop and perpetual employee of the month Tina Walsh to help with that.

All in all, WolfCop is a fun film with high production quality, a silly yet solid plot line, and an amusing soundtrack. (I can’t be the only one who loved the WolfCop rap over the closing credits.) It has just enough of a mystery/ horror occult plotline reveal to make you go, what? And just enough body horror to make you cringe. Yes, poor Lou’s first transformation starts with his –ahem–man meat and dude, that did not look like it tickled.

Still, WolfCop and other movies like it leave me with lingering questions. Like, what the hell do the actors spit out of their mouths when they fake barf on screen? And how long was it in there before they got to fake barf it out? It does not look delicious, guys.

But, thanks to WolfCop, I can now rest easy, because I don’t think I had truly lived until I had seen a werewolf claw cradle a D-cup. You gotta love a film that knows what it is and embraces it. I can’t wait to watch the sequel. In the meantime…

Here’s the WolfCop trailer. You’re welcome. 

Here’s a cool behind the scenes video. With action figures!

And here’s WolfCop on Morning Television.

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