Holiday Headquarters for Horror Comedy fans.

Wow. Can you believe it’s nearly Christmas already? Holy. Cow. It’s like I hit an oil patch of doom back in July and I’ve been skidding helplessly toward New Year’s ever since. 2020 has been such a major turd, right? Well, no more! I am determined to bring joy and happiness to my peeps this year. And it starts today!

I’ve declared it. This is the official Holiday HQ for Horror Comedy Book Nerds.

I’ve got a lot of goodies and giveaways in store for you this month. Go to this secret page on the web site to enter the giveaways and see all the other special Christmas events I have planned for you this month.

In the meantime, sign up for the official DM Guay- 24/7 Demon Mart Christmas Card! If you’d like to receive a real, paper card via snail mail, sign up here. (U.S. only, please. And don’t wait. There are only a few more spots left on the list!)

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