Hey. Lookie here. I’ve got free stuff.

*opens trench coat in dark alley to reveal my sketchy wares*

** And maybe I’m only wearing rubber duckie printed boxer shorts. Maybe…**

Seriously though. I’m here today to point out the new freebies tab up above in the menu. That’s where I’ll post my latest goodies, FREE exclusively for members of Monsters in your Inbox, which is my monthly email newsletter filled with weird news and horror comedy book and movie recommendations. Now lookie here, This is what I’ve got in my trenchcoat for y’all. Come closer. I know you want to see.

My free guide to B horror movies!

Y’all know I love bad movies. They are the foundation on which my entire empire rests! In this ebook, I will lead you through 45 of my favorite love ’em and love to hate ’em B films. I’ve also included themed horror movie marathon playlists, including Creature Features, Family Horror, Zombie Deep Cuts, and 31 Days of Halloween.
Get your copy here: Guide to B Horror
(If you’re already on the list, don’t worry. You won’t be signed up twice!)

Attention paperback fans!

I know some of you prefer to read the 24/7 Demon Mart series in paperback, and for YOU folks, I have something extra special: Autographed book plates! Bookplates are stickers to stick in the front of the book, autographed by yours truly. I’ve got a custom design for each of the Demon Mart books, FREE for Monsters in your Inbox peeps. If you’re on the list, just hit reply to any of the MIB emails, tell me which books you need plates for, and your snail mail address.
Or, sign up here, then hit reply to your welcome email. Be sure to include your mailing address. I can’t send an autograph by email!

And most important of all, bookmark the freebies tab, because there more goodies are in the works!

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