My P.O. Box is temporarily offline!

*update* This issue has been resolved and my P.O. Box is up and running again, using the same address! Apparently, when a Post Office suddenly closes its doors, they literally round up all the rented boxes, put them in a wood cabinet, and then wheel them into another post office. You just have to figure out where they put the box. Like a weird, Where’s Waldo?

So, if you need me by mail, I’m still at

PO Box 21603

Upper Arlington, Ohio 43221

Y’all. I went to the post office to mail a package last week. And instead found a note on the door saying the office had closed forever. My post office box was inside, and I have no idea where that mail will go now.

Of course THIS is the week two of you geared up to send me a package. (Because y’all rock..) BUT…Please don’t send me anything until I get this sorted out and post the new address.

Thank you for being awesome and bear with me.

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