It’s here. Kevin vs the Mothman

Kevin vs The Mothman

One heavy metal cockroach.

One beer-guzzling cryptid. BIG trouble.

The first short story in the 24/7 Demon Mart universe.

The ebook is only for Monsters in your Inbox subscribers!

Get your ebook here:

But, for those you who ONLY read paperbacks,

Get your paperback here:

5 thoughts on “It’s here. Kevin vs the Mothman

  1. Michael McNichols says:

    Thanks for getting this in print! I did download the E-version… but found I am one of those people “who only read paperbacks”. Mine should arrive tomorrow!


      • Michael McNichols says:

        All I can say is I am old. I don’t like reading my wife’s kindle or on my laptop’s screen. I just have never gotten used to doing it. I really like the feel of a book in the hand. Also, books tend not to need batteries recharged.


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