October Event in Ohio!

Hello Ghouls!

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know about a very rare occurrence. A D.M. Guay sighting out in the wild, in DAYLIGHT! Wha? Oh yeah. I will be prying myself away from my keyboard long enough to do an in-person appearance. Mwa ha ha ha. Wait. What’s that big bright thing in the sky? The sun? AAAAAAAAH!

Seriously, though. If you are in Ohio and have a little free time on October 16, I will be at the Licking County Main Library in Newark.

I will have a table, along with plenty of stickers, postcards, halloween candy (What? I’m not a monster!), and autographed books. Several other members of the Ohio Chapter of the Horror Writers Association will be with me as well. I would love to meet you.

Here are the official details.

Oct. 16, 2021. Licking County Main Library, Newark, OH. Join me and several other members of the Ohio Chapter of the Horror Writers Association — as well as regional authors and illustrators– for a book fair, book signings, and panel discussions from 10:30am to 2pm at the downtown library, 101 West Main Street, Newark, Ohio 43055. 

Me and the other HWA members will be in the lobby and in Room B. I look forward to meeting you!

My calendar is wide open for 2022, so if there’s an in person horror event near you (MIdwest is best, but anywhere that is drivable from Ohio) let me know! Maybe I can book a table and we can meet in person!

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