The 2022 Autographed paperback/ Demon Merch sale is live!

It’s time, y’all.
The annual autographed paperback sale is live. This year, I’ve also added Demon Merch, handmade by me!
Please read the details below before ordering. The store is here:

1. Book sales are U.S. only. I will not ship internationally at this time. Sucks, I know. But shipping is so expensive and unreliable.
2. I WILL ship the stickers, postcards, and magnets internationally. Just make sure you choose that option when you add them to your cart. 
3. Each book is the same price here as on Amazon. I don’t charge for autographs, BUT…
4. U.S. shipping is INCLUDED in the price. ($4/book to cover envelopes, boxes, etc, plus postage.) Sorry. I’m not Amazon. I can’t offer free shipping. Boo. I know. It sucks. 
5. Orders of 1-3 books will ship via US Postal Service media mail. If you order 4 or more books, I will ship via US Priority Mail.
6. Quantities are limited, because I am only offering what I have on hand, right now, ready to go. We’re serious when we say out of stock. I can’t order more in 2022, due to paper shortages and long printing and shipping delays. When they’re gone, they’re gone.
7. If you have any questions or special requests, email me at . 
8. Nothing will ship from Nov. 13 to Nov. 21, because I will be in Las Vegas. I will ship before I leave and when I return! 

Ready? Visit the Christmas store here:

One thought on “The 2022 Autographed paperback/ Demon Merch sale is live!

  1. Mackenzie Miller says:

    I absolutely love your books! My husband bought me the whole set for Xmas. Our older daughter has listened to the audio versions also. Thank you for such amazingly well written and awesome story arcs.


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