The Christmas paperback giveaway is live!

Who will be the lucky winner???

I have teamed up with my fellow horror and urban fantasy authors for a holiday book giveaway! The winner gets signed copies of: -Dead Mall 1 by SG Tasz:

-Wisconsin Vamp by Scott Burtness:

-Investigation, Mediation, Vindication (Many Travails of John Smith) by Chris Tullbane:

-American Badass by Jeff Chacon:

Dungeon Crawler Carl by Matt Dinnimon:

The Graveyard Shift by DM Guay:

If you love horror comedy, LIT RPG or comedy fantasy, you’re in the right place! CHECK THESE OUT!

Also, the other goodies came from:

Mullet Turtle:

Alternate Histories:

Mothman postcard:…

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