Horror Comedy Book Recommendation Lists from your friendly neighborhood horror comedy author, D.M. Guay.

Hey Ghouls!

DM Guay, horror comedy author and horror geek extraordinaire here. If you’re part of Monsters in your Inbox, you know that I love to share book recommendations with you. Primarily of books that are horror comedy, urban fantasy comedy, and otherwise good comedy.

I have rounded up all of my past book recommendations for you, in these handy easy to peruse lists, grouped by the year they appeared in Monsters in your Inbox. (Remember, I only recommend books that I personally have read and loved.)

Looking for your next great read? Look no further!

2020 Monsters in your Inbox horror/ fantasy comedy book list. Featuring an old folks home full of vampires, zombie turkeys, psychic goldfish, and fat-camp cannibals!

2021 Monsters in your Inbox horror/fantasy comedy book list. Featuring apocalyptic cows, zombie call centers, eldritch horror private investigators, and the inspiration for John Carpenter’s “The Thing.”

2022 Monsters in your Inbox horror / fantasy comedy book list. Featuring rabid unicorns, Southern demon hunters, Kaiju galore, and a haunted gas station overrun by handplants.

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