denisetrowbridgeheadshotHi there. I’m an indie author who writes about the intersection of real life with the supernatural. If it’s Sexy. Kick Ass. Magic? Yeah. I write that. It’s my thing.

By day, I’m an award-winning journalist living in Ohio, a hobby urban farmer (you can’t beat my beets!), a painter, and a retired roller derby player.

My favorite thingsbesides booksare Jeni’s ice cream, tiki bars, liquid eyeliner, the 1968 Camaro, the Mighty Boosh, 24-hour horror movie festivals, art by Picasso and Niagara Detroit, rock concerts, and most of all, people who make art, despite adversity, no matter what life throws at them.

My mantras: Life is short, make it count. Read good books. Never turn down a chance to have fun.


You can follow me on twitter @DMguay on Facebook. on BookBub, and on GoodReads.