Audiobook Editions

The 24/7 Demon Mart Horror Comedy Series

Includes: Graveyard Shift, Monster Burger, and Hell for the Holidays.

Includes Angel Trouble and Critters from the Poo Lagoon.

Includes RePossessed and Kevin vs the Mothman.

6 thoughts on “Audiobook Editions

  1. Richard O'Neil says:

    I recently got these and am almost done with Angel Trouble.
    I am severely dyslexic and hoping you get the rest put into audio form as I enjoy them, finding audio books I enjoy can be difficult

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    • D.M. Guay says:

      Yes. More are coming! But first I have to write the books, lol. Podium has so graciously bundled all of the current five books into two audio editions. But yes. The plan is more books = more audiobooks. Thank you so much for listening. It means a lot to me.


  2. Colin B says:

    Your stories are marvelous! I tried out the audiobooks and I’m glad I did because they never fail to make me smile. I never imagined that a surly cockroach and a slightly bitter angel could be so entertaining, but now they’re my favorite characters.


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