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My free guide to B horror movies!

Y’all know I love bad movies. They are the foundation on which my entire empire rests! In this ebook, I will lead you through 45 of my favorite love ’em and love to hate ’em B films. I’ve also included themed horror movie marathon playlists, including Creature Features, Family Horror, Zombie Deep Cuts, and 31 Days of Halloween.
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Autographed Bookplates

For you folks with paperbacks, I’ve got autographed bookplates free to every member of Monsters in your Inbox! Bookplates are stickers for the inside your paperbacks. I’ve got them for Graveyard Shift, Monster Burger, Hell for the Holidays, and Critters from the Poo Lagoon. Just sign up for Monsters in your Inbox, hit reply to your welcome email, and include which books you’d like and the snail mail address where I should send them!

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