Jess, Rising: Guardians of Salt Creek 1

Get the eBook now: Amazon US and  Nook Magic. Loves. Lies. Betrayal. High school is murder. Seventeen-year-old Jess Flowers has changed into something dark, something powerful, something more than human since moving to rural nowhere Salt Creek. She isn't alone. It's a town with a dangerous secret. In Salt Creek, people aren't what they seem. Gorgeous … Continue reading Jess, Rising: Guardians of Salt Creek 1

It’s launch day!

Ehrmagosh. My eyes are all streaky and my cheeks hurt from cry smiling. After six years of writing, revising, contest entries, and agents, Salt Creek Rising is officially for sale! Hazzah! It's been a long and fulfilling road, and yes, there will be many more books to come. Unless my fingers go on strike and … Continue reading It’s launch day!