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Welcome and THANK YOU for taking time to visit me here and learn about 24/7 Demon Mart, the must-read book series for horror comedy fans. If you or the ghoul in your life love to read and love movies like Evil Dead 2 and Shaun of the Dead, then 24/7 Demon Mart is for you!

Scroll down for the reading order, book trailers, audio samples and other goodies! And remember, 24/7 Demon Mart is available for Kindle, in paperback, and as three exclusive Audible audiobooks.

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The 24/7 Demon Mart series audiobooks are also on Audible!

The first 24/7 Demon Mart audiobook is nearly 20 HOURS of demon fun, and includes THREE books! (Graveyard Shift, Monster Burger, and Hell for the Holidays.)

Audiobook 2 contains Angel Trouble and Critters from the Poo Lagoon.

Audiobook 3 contains (Re)Possessed and Kevin vs The Mothman.

They are all narrated by the one and only Todd Haberkorn, who has lent his voice to the Transformers, Resident Evil 3, and World of Warcraft video games, as well as many cartoons and anime, including Fairy Tail, Ben 10, and One Punch Man. Check out the audio excerpt below, or get it on Audible now!

Series reading order

Audiobook trailer

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